Did you know…

  • lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women?
  • smoking is strongly linked to heart disease and lung cancer?
  • women smokers face an increased risk of cervical cancer and osteoporosis?
  • smoking during pregnancy can lead to miscarriages, still births, pre-term delivery, low-birth weight babies and infant death?
  • children and infants who breath cigarette smoke have more asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, and ear infections?

Did you know…

  • if you are ready to quit tobacco, there are lots of things you can do to help you quit for good?

Did you know…you can be successful at quitting! Try these quitting tips:

  • Pick a quit date and stick to it!
  • Talk to your doctor about medicines that can help you quit. For example, nicotine gum, inhaler, patch, and nasal spray can help you quit.
  • Call the Colorado Quitline, a free counseling service at 800-639-QUIT.
  • Get rid of ALL cigarettes and ashtrays in your home, car and workplace.
  • Tell your family, friends and coworkers your quit date.
  • Ask friends and family who quit smoking what worked for them.
  • Change some of your daily habits to lower your chances of smoking. For example, if you always smoke after meals, take a walk instead.
  • Plan something fun to do every day.
  • On your quit date, think of yourself as a non-smoker. Keep reminding yourself why you do not want to smoke.
  • If you “slip” and smoke, don’t give up. Set a new date to get back on track.

Did you know…Colorado has lots of smoking resources to help you quit smoking?

  • The Colorado Quitline is a toll-free telephone counseling service that connects people who want to quit smoking with trained counselors. The service is free to Colorado residents and is available in English and Spanish. Call 800-639-QUIT.
  • Colorado QuitNet is an internet-based service designed to help tobacco users through the quitting process. Go to www.co.quitnet.com
  • Consult your local health department for a list of local smoking cessation classes. For youth smoking cessation classes in your community, call the American Lung Association at 1-800-LUNG-USA.
  • Youth can go to www.gottaquit.com for expert advice and resources.

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